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Sims Tullos

Business Development, Pride Advisory

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Xuan Peng

Strategic initiatives

Xuan Peng joined Pride Global in 2018 as the Director of Strategic Initiatives of Pride Advisory, LLC.. She discovers business synergies and opportunities among Pride Advisory, investors, corporate clients, business partners as well as experienced finance & accounting professionals. She works with corporations looking for interim or new CFOs, institutional investors looking for independent advisers and etc.  


Previously, Xuan was the Managing Director and Head of Research Operations at a boutique primary source research firm that was established inside Bear Sterns and spun out of JP Morgan. She began her career as an Research Analyst at the Corporate Structure Team in Bloomberg in 2012.


Xuan holds candidacy in the CAIA program. She received her B.S. in Financial Engineering from Wuhan University, China and obtained Certificate of Negotiation Mastery from Harvard Business School.


Tel: 212.379.2306